Drug bust nets large amount of marijuana, two Winchester men

WOBURN - Two Winchester men are under arrest on drug charges and more than 1,800 grams of marijuana have been confiscated in the latest bust by the Southeast Massachusetts Regional Drug Task Force.

Arrested Tuesday were Michael Fiorenza, 25, of Pickering St., Winchester, and Michael Cook, 26, of Edwards Drive, Winchester.

Both face charges of trafficking in a class B substance (cocaine), possession of a class C substance with intent to distribute (marijuana), and conspiracy to violate the controlled substance act.

Seized in the arrest were some four pounds (1,800) grams of marijuana, and 16.4 grams of cocaine. Some cash was also seized.

The arrest was reported at about 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, outside the Red Roof Inn on Commerce Way.

Police said they began tracking Fiorenza when he stopped in front of the home of known drug dealer in the South End, who was recently arrested, and then left a short time later and headed to the home of known drug user, also in Woburn.

After a short time in the house, Fiorenza headed to the Red Roof Inn where he reportedly picked up Cook and the two headed out for a short ride. Police said several aspects of the short ride made it look like a drug transaction.

When Cook exited the vehicle, undercover officers waited for him inside the hotel and confronted him when he got inside the elevator.

Asked if he had any drugs on him, Cook told undercover officers he had about a pound of marijuana on him, the reports indicate.

Upon further questioning, police said they discovered Cook had more than 3 pounds in total of marijuana and about another half ounce of cocaine either in his possession or in his hotel room.

During questioning, police said they were told Cook had purchased a pound of marijuana for $850 and was selling it to Fiorenza for $1,000.

Among the Woburn officers assisting the Southeast Massachusetts Regional Drug Task Force were Sgt. Raymond Mooney and Det. Edward Fumicello.

Over the past several weeks, the SMRDTF has made several arrests in the Woburn area in drug- related matters.

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