Marino's campaign against obesity will hit the big screen

WOBURN - Woburn resident Gary Marino walked across 12 states in 80 days for the "Million Calorie March" back in 2004, and now, he is marching into theaters with a new movie, continuing his campaign to raise awareness and put an end to the obesity problem in America.

The movie is a documentary about Marino's non-profit organization "Generation Excel," which is dedicated to the problem of childhood obesity.

It recreates 10 scenes from Marino's book "The Big & Tall Chronicles: Misadventures of a Lifelong Food Addict" which is based on Marino's personal experiences with obesity and weight loss.

Before starting his battle against obesity, Marino used to weigh 397 pounds. From weight loss pills to prepackaged foods, he had tried every quick-fix diet plan out there, but to no avail.

Finally, Marino decided to get serious and try a different approach. He said, "Essentially I decided to fix what was broken."

He hired a dietician/nutritionist, a therapist specializing in weight disorders and addictions, and a personal trainer. After some hard work and dedication, Marino lost 150 pounds.

He was then inspired to help others who were struggling with obesity.

He formed a non-profit organization called "Generation Excel," a positive spin on "generation XL," and organized the "Million Calorie March," to raise awareness.

A walking example of the growing problem of obesity in America, Marino started his march in Jacksonville, Fla., and walked across 12 states, 1,200 miles, back to Boston. Along the way, he visited weight loss groups, wellness centers and schools.

"In the process of losing 150 pounds myself, I learned alot about obesity in America and what causes it," he explained.

Since his cross-country walk in 2004, Marino has not stopped marching. He continues to promote obesity awareness and prevention and tackles the problem's weighing issues in his new film.

According to Marino, the movie, "Million Calorie March," picks up where "Supersize Me" left off. It discusses the roles of food addiction, portion sizes, depression and childhood obesity.

As stated on his website, Marino's goal is to encourage the public "to laugh at the insanity of the weight loss industry, look in the mirror, get serious, and dig deep to fix ourselves."

"Million Calorie March" will premier at the Boston Film Festival on Sept. 14 - 21 at the AMC Loews Boston Common theater.

Marino plans to submit the documentary to 30 film festivals around the country. "We're hoping to sign it to a distributor or a studio, for more wide-spread distribution," he explained.

He also plans to screen the film in health centers and has already shown it at Peoplefit Health and Fitness Center on Lexington Street in Woburn.

As noted on his website, Marino explains that after winning his personal battle against obesity, "I have found that life is truly sweeter the second time around."

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