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Send your advertising orders, copy and corrected proofs to our FAX lines:
FOR ALL TOWNS - 781 932-3321

Daily Times Chronicle (Monday thru Friday)11,195
Combined Daily Times Chronicle and Stoneham Independent(4,100) 15,295
Combined Total Daily Times Chronicle, Stoneham Independent and Wilmington/Tewksbury Town Criers(6,350) 21,645
The Daily Times Chronicle publishes every Monday thru Friday except the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day

The Stoneham Independent, Wilmington/Tewksbury Town Criers publish every Wednesday evening, in mail Thursday morning.

Discounts may be earned by signing an annual contract. Discounts apply to all full price advertising — full run and zone. Although all advertising used will count towards contract fulfill-ment, only FULL PRICE ads will be eligible for contract discounts.

$60M * 8 or more in calendar year $42M.
Inserts must be received 3 days prior to insertion. All deliveries
to Woburn Publishing Plant, One Arrow Drive, Woburn, MA.
Minimum quantity 5,000.

Bridal Section
Spring Bridal, February, March, April
Fall Bridal, September, October
Social Security, Your Money, Your Health
Winter Section, February, March Summer Section, August, Sept.
Spring Home Improvement and Gardening Section
April & May
Fall Home Improvement and Gardening Section
October & Nov.
Automobile Sections
President's Day Open House, February
New Car Announcements, October
Middlesex League Pre-Season Football Section
Local Towns Annual Thanksgiving Football Section

*lncludes All Five Towns(per col. inch)$20.00
Minimum Size Ad 1 column x 1/2'
Zoned Rates*
Woburn Edition(per col. inch)$13.80
Burlington Edition(per col. inch)$12.15
Winchester Edition(per col. inch)$12.15
Reading Edition(per col. inch)$12.15
Wakefield Edition(per col. inch)$12.15
All rates are SAU measure
(All above rates are agency commissionable)

Ads published every Mon., Tues., Thurs. & Fri.
(16 to 18 days a month)
(non commissionable) Minimum Size Ad 1 column x 1 1/2
R.O.P. (Run of Paper) All 5 Towns$99.40/in/mo.
Find-It-Quick and
Home Owners' Guide Combo
(All 5 Towns) (Wob., Win., Burl., Read., Wak.)
Find-It-Quick (3 Town Pkg.)
(Woburn, Winchester, Burlington)
Home Owners' Guide (2 Town Pkg.)
(Reading/Wakefield combination)
Bridal Directory
(All 5 Towns) Every Mon., Wed. & Fri.
Medical Directory
(All 5 Towns) Every Mon., Wed. & Fri.
Half Monthly Rate (mm. size 6")
Twice a week for a month
(All 5 Towns) Choice of Days
Business Guide & Directory
Every Mon., Wed. & Fri. (All 5 Towns)
$20.00 per inch plus $150 per color, per page.
Minimum size ad 10 col. inch. 2-day leeway required.
*6 column format (conforms to SAU standards)

The Stoneham Independent781 438-1660
Established 1870
168 Main Street, Stoneham, MA 02180
Fax 781 438-6762
Low combination rates available with Daily Times Chronicle, Wilmington & Tewksbury Town Criers
Call Joeseph McCarthy For Detailed Rate Card
Wilmington Town Crier978 658-2346
Tewksbury Town Crier978 658-2346
Your Hometown "PAID" Circulation Newspapers
226 Lowell St., unit B4
Wilmington, MA 01887
Fax 978 658-2266
Low Combination Rates With Daily Times Chronicle and Stoneham Independent
Call John Oneil For Detailed Rate Card
Middlesex East Supplement781 944-2200
11 Community Publications Mid- Week - 36,755 Circulation
Call For Detailed Rate Card

For more information Call
Classifieds 781 933-3700
Classified Fax 781 935-9607
Programs Available In Daily Publications, And Middlesex East

BurlingtonLynnfieldNorth ReadingReadingStoneham

Line RateColumn Inch
5 Day Program$2.54$35.60
3 Day Program$2.29$32.10

Set solid 7.25 point and 7.25 point bold type

5 Days All Publications
(Over 100,000 newspapers)

5 Days All Publications
(Over 100,000 newspapers)

5 Days All Publications
(Over 100,000 newspapers)
Rates are for 5 lines, average 20 letters and spaces per line, extra lines available. Includes 5 insertions in Daily Times Chronicle with Middlesex East (10 communities) Mid-Week.

Continuous Insertions = Continuous Readership
Help Wanted / Real Estate$20.20 per line$101.00
Services Offered$19.20 per line$96.00
For Sales$18.20 per line$91.00
1 free bold line with each ad. Average 20 letters and spaces per line, 5 line minimum, extra bold lines $5.00 plus regular line rate. Ads run date to date. No refunds if ad is stopped before expiration date.
Includes 5 insertions in Daily Times Chronicle with Middlesex East (10 communities) Mid-Week.

Rates available upon request

1 column10.11.3/4
2 columns22.73.75
3 columns34.45.75
4 columns46.27.5/8
5 columns57.119.5/8
6 columns69.911.5/8

6 & 9 column format
21 inches deep
(294 agate lines)
69.911 5/8

(2 pages plus gutter)
6 & 9 column format
21 inches deep
(294 agate lines)
*6 column format conforms to SAU standards

1 column6.111.153
2 columns14.92.458
3 columns22.73.764
4 columns30.55.069
5 columns38.36.375
6 columns46.27.694
7 columns549.000
8 columns61.1010.306
9 columns69.911.625

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N.E. Newspaper Association
Massachusetts Press Association
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National Newspaper Association
Member of SPIN. Newspaper Network
Northeast Classified Advertising Managers Assoc.
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